“We offer environmentally green solutions service and products focused on pest control programs that utilize non-toxic methods to handle common household pests.” Also he would like to add “We handle small game using the Havahart Traps, which includes squirrel, groundhog, etc., removal and release in a lake or river area.” 

Our company uses only the safest and EPA Registered products and materials available. We also employ “green solutions” methods of pest control. We apply pest control products that are carefully chosen based upon their general safety properties and their overall effectiveness on the target pests. We employ crack and crevice method of treatment placing product directly into pest harborages significantly reducing potential for human contact with any products and materials used.

Our staff of career driven technicians and field representatives strive to provide the most professional service in the industry, and must adhere to a strict format for inspection and service to our customer’s homes and businesses ensuring total satisfaction. All of our field representatives are licensed, registered, and certified as mandated by the State Department of Agriculture in the states in which we operate.

Satisfaction Guaranteed!

Our technicians regularly attend continuing education training courses in order to maintain the licensing, and acquire the highest knowledge possible to employ Best Practices. Additionally, our employees are tested in an effort to keep abreast of our ever changing environment. The inspection services are performed utilizing the most modern technology, equipment, and techniques available with onsite reports provided/delivered the same day.

We offer Termite Protection and Warranty! Left unchecked termites can cause significant damage to your home and/or business making inspection and protection a vital part of ensuring the structural integrity of your home and business, with each property requiring its own type of treatment. A Certified Inspector will come to your building to evaluate and ensure the appropriate treatment for your property. A written Lifetime Warranty, with an annual renewal policy, is provided to you upon completion of an inspection/treatment.

We offer the most innovation and comprehensive Bed Bug treatment program, and at an additional cost we will provide CleanRest® mattress, box spring, and pillow encasements following treatment as a preventative measure.

We will humanely remove squirrels, groundhogs, skunks, opossums, and raccoons, through “Have-a-Heart trap” capture and relocation.

Attention to Detail is key!

We offer Home Inspections and Inspection Services. Our Company offers all types of inspection services. Our services includes the following inspections: full home structural, well, septic system, Radon, termite certifications, four point insurance certifications, wind mitigation, and hurricane compliance inspections, and others. Professional, licensed, and registered Field Inspectors perform all inspections providing same day reports via fax, email, or on-site!

We offer comprehensive customized packages for Commercial and Industrial customers.

Remember, you don’t have to share your home, business, or property with insects, or rodents no matter the size. Don’t wait, call Eagle Termite & Pest Control, our company guarantees prompt service to resolve any pest problem you may experience! Jerry promises all services provided by Eagle Termite & Pest Control, whether its pest control or inspection services, satisfaction guaranteed 100%!

We also provide FREE Estimates!