Happy New Year 2016!

Happy New Year 2016! With the start of this new year it is a good time to look around your home or office to see if you require our pest control services. You might see ants, or carpet beetles, or stink bugs… (yes stink bugs because of the warm winter thus far, they have yet to hibernate). You might even be seeing centipedes with winter here. Perhaps you’re lighting your fireplace or wood stove; during the warm months, bugs make their homes in your wood piles where they lay their eggs because wood is a great harborage or food source for them, and their offspring. Do not bring in more wood than you will burn in a single day to prevent unwelcome ‘Incidental Invaders!’

With the unseasonable warm winter, we have seen active termites that are causing damage to homes. We have a great inexpensive program to solve and prevent the pesky termites from destroying your most valuable asset.
You may notice that there are several types of trees that are trying to bloom with the warmth. Along with trees blooming are also boxelder beetles. Avoid the springtime nuisance by treating for them now.

For our Florida customers, there are Formosan and Asian termites swarming at the same time and mating producing hundreds of thousands of “allates,” or winged males & females! The potential for destruction is considered to be a very serious threat, particularly in southern Florida.

A termite colony can live up to 20 years with millions of individuals, and even if they hybrids do not produce fertile winged termites the potential for damage is present. They possess a worrisome combination of genes resulting in highly vigorous hybridized colonies that can develop twice as fast as the typical Formosan termite.
Both of these termites have spread to many areas of the world, with the subterranean Formosan termite, originating in China, already well established in southeast U.S. The Asian subterranean termite, a tropical species originating in S.E. Asia, has already migrated to the Caribbean Islands and Brazil making it potentially the most invasive termite in the world!

The interior and especially the exterior perimeter ground immediate to your business, or your home can effectively be treated to prevent subterranean termites from entering your structures and causing extensive damage. Don’t wait! Get your home inspected sooner rather than later; be proactive rather than reactive!
Did you know that during winter months is when we experience the highest incidence of rodent infestation? Rodents chew utility wires, computer wires, wires in our vehicles, tractors, snow-blowers, as well as a wide range of other wires of different shapes, sizes and functions. Mice and rats have no regard for your home, they’ll even chew through your dry wall! Gnawing is a natural survival skill of rodents which is why we highly recommend winterizing the interior, and exterior perimeter of your home with a preventative treatment and maintenance program.

Don’t hesitate to call us to schedule an inspection of your home or business! We hope to provide the best possible service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee! We look forward to doing business with you!
Wishes for a happy and prosperous New Year!